Black German Yellow Pages – Black German Yello Pages – PanAfrikan Adressbook & Online Directory from Germany

Black German Yello Pages - PanAfrikan Adressbook & Online Directory from Germany

PanAfrikan Adressbook & Online Directory from Germany –

Why an Adressbook like the blackgermanyellowpages?

You want a Black Doctor – You are looking for a Black lawyer? Well – from 2001-2007 all all that you had to do was click on your city and look up what activities already exists in your neighbourhood. The Black German Yellow Pages make the “mouth to mouth” available for the general community!

Most mainstream databanks lists some addresses but we attempt to list them all!

Where are all my brothers and sisters at? By getting together here we make our lobby stronger and our individual voices better heard! Help us and send your contributions! Together we create the first overview on Black culture in Germany! The WhoisWho from Germany! Are you in it yet? We also invite all commercial Agencies, Festivals; Museums promoting Black Artists to post their contacts

We are in the Process of rebuilding our Databank with an Up to Date Content Management System… So Stay informed on what´s coming next !


cyberNomads AFROTAK The Afro German Databank Network and Media Channel 2008 – Back on the Blog

cyberNomads AFROTAK The Afro German Databank Network and Media Channel 2008

we go straight to the communities and supporters like no other on or off line medium in the

german speaking countries wir haben einen spezielles zielpublikum /multiplikatoren-MIX
wie es Ihnen
kein anderes medium im gesamten deutschsprachigen raum bieten kann.
das Profil von cyberNomads ist natürlich ein ganz anderes als das von klassischen Promotionchannels
als zentrale internetadresse für die diaspora nicht unbedingt weniger effektiv …

We were able to promote the digital architecture for an educational online databank with the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. After intense market research the portal went online in cooperation with the office for civic education of the German government. On the basis of a five year master plan and with financing of the BPB we realized three major Media Conferences and invited local, national and international media. We identified speakers from academia, business, media and art.

We pitched our ideas to institutional cooperation partners and sponsors and we staged our events at their locations (Goethe Institute Berlin 2002, Heinrich Boell Foundation 2003, and House of the Cultures of the World 2004).

The Media Network established over 4000 registered on- and offline contacts that lobby with the mainstream of Germany and Europe. We organized the press conference with cyberNomads featuring Thomas Krüger, the head of the BPB.

We developed an International Literature Award in honour of the late May Ayim. The award was realized under institutional umbrella ship of the German section of UNESCO. The multimedia award-gala-event I co-scripted and moderated in German, English and Yoruba.

Our publication the Black Book revisits the footnotes and documents German history from a black perspective. We lectured workshops on CMS-systems as well as on “Migration, Integration, cyberspace and the workforce” for universities.

The African Cup Gala that we moderated in 2006 went on to win a best practice award by the German Government. In recognition of the impact of our work cyberNomads as media-strategy consultants assisted the embassy of South Africa in 2007.

On invitation of the embassy ZA cyberNomads in September 07 represented Germany at the African Union – Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference in Paris. cyberNomads are now represented on the committee of the Diaspora Board for Germany mandated by the African Union.

Since 2002 we implemented culture concepts and campaigns. As editor´s in chief we structured the databank content of the online-portal and initiated 300.000 visitors every month since 2005.

Universities use the content for the education of their students. We have accessed an offline-audience traditionally excluded from the German cultural and educational mainstream to build a virtual network and media-channel with over 8 million visitors online since 2001.

We have done target group consulting for TV (MDR, ZDF and N24), we have been present on radio (Deutschlandfunk, Radio Multikulti, DW) and in print media (Zitty, The African Courier, African Heritage).

We were responsible for up to 20 freelancers and have coordinated interns. The portal is presently offline as part of a major re-design effort. In the meantime we use the Blog´s to keep you updated!!!


Adetoun & Michael Küppers-Adebisi


Adetoun & Michael Küppers–Adebisi

Project Management / Editors in Chief

cyberNomads AFROTAK – Die Schwarze Deutsche Datenbank, Netzwerk und Medienkanal

Eberswalder Strasse 4 10437 Berlin

Adetoun. Küppers–Adebisi Fon 0163 258 38 93
E-mail: Dipl. Wirt.-Ing

Michael. Küppers-Adebisi Fon 0177 935 77 23